Dan Brown's 'The Digital Fortress' will be adapted for TV

A pilot for the series will reportedly air on ABC. 

Another novel by Dan Brown will be adapted – but this time it will be for the small screen. 

According to Deadline, Brown’s book “Digital Fortress,” which was first released in 1998 and centers on cryptographer Susan Fletcher, is being adapted as a pilot for ABC by director Ron Howard’s production company Imagine Entertainment. Howard directed the 2006 movie “The Da Vinci Code” and the 2009 follow-up “Angels and Demons,” both of which starred actor Tom Hanks as Brown’s character Robert Langdon.

"Fortress" has a "put pilot commitment," according to Deadline, which means ABC has to air the pilot or pay Imagine Entertainment.

Brown released another book centering on Robert Langdon, “Inferno,” in 2013 and according to the UK newspaper The Independent, both Howard and Hanks will return for a film adaptation of the novel.

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