Want to learn more about 'Gone Girl' character Amy Dunne? Here's her Pinterest board

As promotion for the upcoming film adaptation of Gillian Flynn's novel, those behind the movie have created a Pinterest account for character Amy Dunne.

Merrick Morton/20th Century Fox/AP
'Gone Girl' stars Ben Affleck (l.), Lisa Barnes (center), and David Clennon (r.).

Are you curious about Amy Dunne, the protagonist of Gillian Flynn’s novel “Gone Girl” and its upcoming movie adaptation?

Then, just like someone in real life, you can learn more about her through her Pinterest account.

Those behind the upcoming film adaptation have created an account for the fictional character – on Sept. 10, the movie Twitter account tweeted, 

Readers who are familiar with the book will recognize some of the boards Amy has on her Pinterest account, with one titled “Call Me Missouri” (the state to which Amy and husband Nick recently moved), another titled “City Girl” (she and Nick used to live in New York), and one titled “The Bar” (her husband recently opened one).

As noted by Entertainment Weekly, the notes added to Amy’s pins often come from or are inspired by her diary entries from the book. A picture of a couple on the city streets on the Pinterest account includes a note from Amy reading, “The sweet memory of our first kiss under the NYC lights, engulfed in a sugar cloud from the local bakery.” 

Reactions to the marketing move seem to be mixed. On Amy’s Pinterest board titled “For Nick,” Pinterest user Valerie Lorczak wrote, “Is anyone else creeped out by Amy Dunne having a Pinterest?!,” calling it “cool and freaky.” “Totally freaked out,” user Annie Tunstead replied. “Yet I can't stop looking at it.” USA Today writer Kelly Lawler was more curious about its origins: "We have to admit, as much fun as we had poking around this page, we would like to find out who’s job it is to 'create Pinterest pages for fictional characters,'" she wrote. "We kind of want that job."

The movie “Gone Girl” stars Ben Affleck as Nick, who comes under suspicion when his wife disappears, and Rosamund Pike of “The World’s End” as Amy as well as actors Neil Patrick Harris, Tyler Perry, Missi Pyle, Casey Wilson, and Carrie Coon of the TV series “The Leftovers.” It will come to theaters on Oct. 3.

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