'Agent Storm' is planned as a movie

The memoir of an Al Qaeda double agent will be released this August and 'Captain Phillips' helmer Paul Greengrass could direct the film adaptation.

'Agent Storm' is by Morten Storm with Paul Cruickshank and Tim Lister.

A movie adaptation of the upcoming book “Agent Storm: My Life Inside Al-Qaeda and the CIA” by Morten Storm is already being planned.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Sony Pictures has acquired the book and director Paul Greengrass, who was behind the Oscar-nominated 2013 movie “Captain Phillips” as well as the 2006 movie “United 93,” is “eyeing it as a directorial project and may also adapt it,” writes Hollywood Reporter writer Rebecca Ford, while Deadline says Greengrass "will develop to direct."

“Agent Storm” is an account of how Storm, a one-time Jihadi, became a double agent for the CIA, spying on Al Qaeda. The book is scheduled to be released on Aug. 19.

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