Lev Grossman's book trailer stars readers and fellow authors

Author Lev Grossman got fans and fellow writers involved for the creation of the book trailer for his upcoming work 'The Magician's Land.'

Lev Grossman recently released a book trailer for his upcoming novel “The Magician’s Land” that brought together readers and authors to read sentences from the new book.

“The Magician's Land” is the third book in Grossman’s trilogy that began with “The Magicians,” which was published in 2009. The second book, “The Magician King,” was released in 2011. “The Magician's Land” is scheduled to be published on Aug. 5.

For the book trailer for his new novel, Grossman put sentences from his new book on his blog and asked readers to submit videos of themselves reading them. Authors, including Neil Gaiman, “Wicked” writer Gregory Maguire, Rainbow Rowell of “Landline” and “The Night Circus” author Erin Morgenstern, also participated. 

Some acted out their lines, like the “Magician” fan who read a line about a person on a cell phone and was taped tapping away on his phone. Others selected unusual settings – Gaiman appears to be on a boat.

Check out all the fans and authors.

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