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'Game of Thrones': Twitter users put a Westeros twist on children's books

Twitter users are subbing in 'Thrones' themes for famous children's book titles.

Keith Bernstein/HBO/AP
'Game of Thrones' stars Emilia Clarke.

Perhaps “Goodnight Moondoor” wouldn’t be as child-friendly as the classic picture book “Goodnight Moon,” but it would certainly make “Game of Thrones” fans laugh.

The hashtag “#GoTChildrensBooks” recently gained popularity on Twitter, with users (including Mariana Leung and Mashable, who both tweeted “Goodnight Moondoor," along with others) giving their ideas for Westeros-themed books to read to little ones. (The “Moon” twist references the trapdoor in the home of the Arryn family, which is often used to plunge visitors to their death.)

Some others include “Are You My Mother of Dragons?” from user Carol Tanzman, referencing the title of queen-wannabe Daenerys Targaryen; “The Fault in Our Starks” from user Kyle Wrather, using the name of the powerful family that rules over the North; and “Are You There Gods? It’s Me Margaery” from user Christine Erickson, subbing in the ambitious noble daughter’s name for that of Judy Blume’s Margaret. (Inevitably, some Twitter users came up with the same clever names, so we apologize if one user tweeted a book title before another and we missed it.)

The children’s book ideas are still going strong, so check out the #GoTchildrensbooks hashtag on Twitter.

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