Edward Snowden will be the subject of a comic book

'Beyond: Edward Snowden,' which was written by Marvel Comics author Valerie D'Orazio, is scheduled for release on May 21.

The Guardian/AP
Edward Snowden's life will be the subject of a comic book released by Bluewater Productions.

The story of Edward Snowden's life will soon be told via comic book.

The former NSA contractor is the subject of a comic book titled "Beyond: Edward Snowden," which Bluewater Productions will publish on May 21. The company is also behind comic book biographies of such public figures as Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, and Hillary Clinton. 

"Beyond" is written by Marvel Comics scribe Valerie D'Orazio and illustrated by Dan Lauer.

"Working with Bluewater on this comic was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to bring such a fascinating public figure’s story to life,” D’Orazio said in a statement. “Dan’s art really added another dimension to this project and provided a look at a side of Edward Snowden the public has never really seen before. As a writer, I feel really lucky to have found a publisher who was willing to work with me so closely to turn my vision into a reality."

The work will be available in both print and e-book versions.

According to the Guardian, Bluewater's work will kick off a series of "Beyond" titles, which will focus on "stories about the secret and suppressed, the stories 'They' don't want you to know," said the publisher. The next focus of the series will be the Joker of "Batman" fame. 

Snowden was also the subject of another title, "No Place to Hide" by Glenn Greenwald, which was named as one of the Monitor's 10 best books of May and also made the list of the month's best books by Amazon. Sony Pictures recently obtained the film rights to "Place."

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