'Sookie Stackhouse' author Charlaine Harris launches a new trilogy

The first book in Harris's planned trilogy, titled 'Midnight Crossroads,' is out today.

'Midnight Crossroad' is by Charlaine Harris.

Charlaine Harris, author of the “Sookie Stackhouse” series, is now telling a new paranormal story.

Harris’ novel “Midnight Crossroads,” which is out today, is the first of a planned trilogy and follows Manfred Bernardo, who works as a psychic and may actually be able to the see the future. He’s new in the town of Midnight, Texas, where residents also include a vampire and a witch.

The author’s “Sookie” novels are the basis for the HBO series “True Blood,” which is set to air its final season this summer.

Harris released what was billed as the final book in her “Sookie” series, titled “Dead Ever After,” this past May.

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