Harry Potter's wife? Read all about it

At Harry Potter site Pottermore, J.K. Rowling provides a grown-up, present-day look at Harry Potter and his friends.

What will happen to Harry Potter and his friends as grownups? J.K. Rowling is beginning to offer glimpses of their future.

Eager for a glimpse of Harry Potter’s wife?

Head on over to Pottermore, where JK Rowling provides a grown-up, present-day look at some of the characters in the Harry Potter series.

Foremost is Ginny Weasley, now Harry’s wife referenced as Ginny Potter, and a Daily Prophet sports journalist and Quidditch Correspondent. In the Pottermore post, Ginny is reporting on a Quidditch World Cup fiasco in the Patagonian desert.

The Diagon Alley section of Pottermore currently includes two reports by Ginny and Rowling is expected to add more posts to the site featuring present-day versions of other characters from her popular series. As Hypable noted, this is no small matter for Potterphiles: it is the first time audiences have received present-day information about characters in the Harry Potter series.

Ginny’s reports on the Quidditch World Cup mention such Potter-rich details as magical creatures, team mascots, and matches between actual countries. (For muggles, Quidditch is the fictional sport students play on flying broomsticks in the Harry Potter books.)

The reports also feature news on a Quidditch disaster in which 300 spectators are left injured, according to Ginny’s (fictional) account.

"Not a single Quaffle thrown, not a single Snitch caught, but the 427th Quidditch World Cup is already mired in controversy," she writes. "Magizoologists have congregated in the desert to contain the mayhem and Healers have attended more than 300 crowd members suffering from shock, broken bones and bites."

Ginny elaborates with details new and familiar to Potter fans: shape-shifters Dukuwaqa and Selma, Magizoologist Rolf Scamander, references to Billywigs, and more.

Careful readers will be rewarded with juicy hints, says Pottermore.

"…knowledgeable Harry Potter fans will spot the link to the screenplay for Fantastic Beasts that JK Rowling is currently writing, the protagonist of which is Newt Scamander, Rolf's grandfather,” the website states.

The Scamanders will star in their own trilogy of Warner Bros. films in a few years, “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” based on the 2001 book created by Rowling.

One more dimension in the wide, wonderful, interwoven web that is the wizarding world of Harry Potter.

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