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Anonymous writer behind Goldman Sachs Elevator Twitter account gets book deal

The anonymous figure behind the Twitter handle is reported to be releasing a book titled 'Straight to Hell: True Tales of Deviance and Excess in the World of Investment Banking' this October.

Mark Lennihan/AP
Pedestrians walk outside the Goldman Sachs headquarters in New York City.

For years, the anonymous poster behind the Twitter account @GSElevator (Goldman Sachs Elevator Gossip) has been sharing the funny and sometimes darkly comic comments overheard in … well, in an elevator at the major investment banking company.

And now the unknown author has a book deal with Simon & Schuster to release a book said to be titled “Straight to Hell: True Tales of Deviance and Excess in the World of Investment Banking.” According to CNBC, the book will be released under the name "J.T. Stone." 

The book will be “the definitive exposure of investment banking culture …  shedding new light on a world that is far more abhorrent, and yet, way more entertaining than people can imagine,” according to the writer.

The @GSElevator Twitter account currently has more than 600,000 followers and the person behind the handle encourages others to submit conversations they overhear in the elevators as well.

Some are simply humorous, such as the recent tweet “Shut up about the weather. It's cold everywhere. We're all cold. We get it.” But other tweets paint a less flattering portrait of Goldman Sachs employees, including a conversation in which one worker tells another, “Your place in history depends on what you do for others, not what others do for you” and the second replies, “I want a place in East Hampton, not history.”

(If you decide to check out the Twitter account, be aware of language and some inappropriate content.)

“Straight to Hell” is scheduled for release this October.

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