Stephen King arrives on Twitter

Stephen King quickly attracted almost 200,000 followers and has used his new Twitter account to recommend such books as Benjamin Percy's novel 'Red Moon.'

Dan Hallman/Invision/AP
Stephen King is the author of such works as 'Carrie,' 'The Shining,' and 'The Stand.'

Bestselling author Stephen King has arrived on Twitter.

King created an account on Dec. 6 and has already attracted more than 194,000 followers.

The writer’s assistant Marsha DeFilippo told the newspaper the Telegraph that the author is in fact behind the account.

At the beginning of his tweeting journey, it appeared that King was at a loss for inspiration.

“On Twitter at last, and can't think of a thing to say,” he tweeted on Dec. 6. “Some writer I turned out to be.”

However, King later turned to recommending novels and TV programs he’d enjoyed. He wrote that the French TV show “The Returned,” which premiered in October in the US on the Sundance Channel, is “scary and sexy” and that he “can’t stop thinking about” Benjamin Percy’s novel “Red Moon,” which was released this past May.

King’s newest work, his “Shining” sequel titled “Doctor Sleep,” was released in September. He also released the novel “Joyland,” which centers on a contemporary college student working at an amusement park that is said to be haunted.

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