Attention, 'Harry Potter' fans: Butterbeer reportedly available at Starbucks

A recipe for butterbeer, a beverage beloved by 'Harry Potter' characters,' is making the rounds and fans say you can order one at Starbucks locations.

Jaap Buitendijk/Warner Bros. Pictures/AP
The 'Harry Potter' films star Emma Watson (l.), Rupert Grint (center), and Daniel Radcliffe (r.).

Can “Harry Potter” fans now swap out their morning coffee for a refreshing butterbeer?

According to the website, among others, devotees can now purchase a butterbeer beverage at Starbucks. The drink is mentioned often in the "Harry Potter" series, with many characters, including Harry, ordering it at restaurants and bars. Butterbeer isn't on the Starbucks menu, but if a customer gives a barista the list of ingredients, writer Dale Becar reported Starbucks staff (at the location he visited, anyway) were happy to whip up the drink.

Ingredients for this version of the drink include a crème frappuccino base and caramel syrup.

Hot and cold versions of butterbeer have been available at the “Harry Potter” theme park in Orlando, Fla. since its opening, but that version reportedly contains cream soda, among other differences between the Orlando beverage and the one reportedly now available at Starbucks.

One of the Starbucks ingredients, toffee nut syrup, can only be found during the holidays, so this butterbeer recipe may be only available for a limited time.

Did Starbucks make up this new recipe or did a fan create the list of ingredients? We’re not sure where the beverage began, but the website Hypable uploaded a picture of a Starbucks sign advertising the drink.

Let us know if you’ve tried it!

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