Leonardo DiCaprio may star in a film adaptation of upcoming Jo Nesbø novel

Jo Nesbø's novel 'Blood on Snow' is set to be published next fall.

Jason Lee/Reuters
Leonardo DiCaprio may star in a film adaptation of an upcoming novel by author Jo Nesbø.

Warner Bros. is reportedly in talks to adapt an upcoming novel of author Jo Nesbø into a film starring actor Leonardo DiCaprio. 

“Blood On Snow” centers on an assassin who is given the job of killing his boss’s wife, according to Deadline. The book will be released by Nesbø under the pseudonym of Tom Johansen and is set to be published next fall. 

A sequel is already planned for “Blood” which has the working title of “Blood On Snow 2” and, according to Deadline, Nesbø is planning a novel after that titled “The Kidnapping” which will find Johansen, Nesbø’s pen name, as a character in the book – in fact, the one who gets kidnapped.

DiCaprio recently starred in the high-profile literary adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby,” which was directed by Baz Luhrmann. He will soon appear in “The Wolf of Wall Street,” which is based on the memoir by stockbroker Jordan Belfort and is set to be released this Christmas. 

Nesbø’s novel “The Bat,” which was his first book to feature the detective Harry Hole and which he released in July in an English-translated version, is currently a bestseller in its paperback format. Nesbø’s tenth Harry Hole book, “Police,” came out last week.

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