Lance Armstrong book set to become a film

David Walsh's book 'Seven Deadly Virtues' chronicles the reporter's attempts to discover the true story behind Armstrong's athletic feats.

Award-winning journalist David Walsh, author of 'Seven Deadly Sins,' has been investigating the link between doping and cycling for more than 20 years.

The Lance Armstrong story is about to become a film. That is – the Lance Armstrong story according to Irish journalist David Walsh. 

Walsh’s book “Seven Deadly Virtues,” which covers the reporter's efforts to learn the truth about the athlete, will be adapted into a movie directed by “Philomena” helmer Stephen Frears. Actor Ben Foster, who stars in the film “Kill Your Darlings” and appeared in the movies “Ain’t Them Bodies Saints” and “3:10 to Yuma,” is set to portray Armstrong, according to Deadline. “Bridesmaids” actor Chris O’Dowd will play Walsh.

Actor Jesse Plemons of “Breaking Bad” and “The Master” as well as “The Beach” actor Guillaume Canet are set to play unnamed “key supporting roles,” according to Deadline.

Walsh, who is the chief sports writer for The Sunday Times, is also the author of the book "From Lance to Landis," which also focuses on the doping scandal, as well as co-author of the book "L.A. Confidential: The Secrets of Lance Armstrong."

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