'The Rosie Project' is optioned by Sony Pictures

Sony Pictures has optioned the screen rights for Graeme Simsion's novel 'The Rosie Project'.

'The Rosie Project' was released in the US in October.

The novel “The Rosie Project” could become a film released by Sony Pictures.

“Rosie,” which was penned by Australian author Graeme Simsion and was recently released in the US, centers on scientist Don Tillman, who decides to methodically search for a wife using strict criteria but finds his search upset by an unusual woman named Rosie.

Sony Pictures has optioned the screen rights for the book and, according to Deadline, Simsion will write the script for the film.

“We love this story,” Columbia Pictures production president Hannah Minghella said, according to Deadline. “Not only does it have tremendous commercial appeal, but a wonderfully interesting, groundbreaking lead character.”

“Rosie” was named as one of the 10 best books of October by Amazon’s editors, with Amazon editorial director Sara Nelson saying of Rosie, "She's the exact wrong person, so of course she's perfect for him."

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