'Beautiful Creatures' authors will pen a spin-off series

A new series by 'Beautiful' authors Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl will be known as the 'Dangerous Creatures' books and will kick off with its first full installment this May.

John Bramley/Warner Bros. Pictures/AP
'Beautiful Creatures' stars Alden Ehrenreich (l.) and Alice Englert (r.).

The “Beautiful Creatures” books by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl, which concluded last fall with the release of a fourth novel and was recently the subject of a movie adaptation, are getting a spin-off series.

The new book series by Garcia and Stohl, known as the “Dangerous Creatures” novels, will center on “Beautiful” protagonist Lena’s cousin Ridley and Link, the best friend of Lena’s boyfriend Riley. The first book in the new series, “Dangerous Creatures,” begins as Link and Ridley are moving on with their lives after graduating from high school – for example, Link, a musician, is heading to New York to try to make it in the business by starting a band.

Series co-editor Kate Sullivan told Publishers Weekly the new books are the answer to popular demand.

“Fans were always begging [Garcia and Stohl] for more Link and Ridley,” she said.

In an interview with PW, Garcia said the series is “going to have new teen characters, new villains, new settings, and old settings. It’s really the best mix of the old and the new.”

The “Dangerous” books are being released by Little, Brown Books for Younger Readers and an e-novella by Garcia and Stohl, titled “Dangerous Dream,” will be the first official installment in the series and will come out on Dec. 17. It will tell the story of the high school graduation that takes place before the plot of “Dangerous Creatures,” which will follow on May 6, 2014.

Little, Brown did not tell PW how many books are planning for the “Dangerous” series, but in terms of scheduling, Sullivan said they wanted to release one book a year. 

A movie adaptation of “Beautiful Creatures” starring Alice Englert and Alden Ehrenreich was released this past February and received poor reviews overall, but Englert and Ehrenreich were generally praised for their performances.

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