Shanghai commuters now have access to a subway lending library

The Metro Line 2 in Shanghai now has shelves of books which commuters can take, read on the subway, then return at another stop.

David Gray/Reuters
A driver in China maneuvers a subway car through a tunnel.

Shanghai commuters who love books, the public transportation system is looking out for you.

The Metro Line 2 in Shanghai now has a lending library, with shelves installed at various stations and commuters able to take a book from one shelf and drop it off at their next station when they’re finished with it. The effort was spearheaded by the Metro Line 2, the Chinese instructional website, and the bookstore Aizhi and began Aug. 18.

“Now you can read a real book, rather than staring at the cellphone through the metro ride," Aizhi spokesperson Zou Shuxian told the China Daily.

Riders won’t have to pay for the use of the library, but donations are appreciated.

According to the China Daily, the program has been a success, with lines cropping up at the shelves.

“Most people returned the books after reading, and many left a coin for our charity initiative,” an unnamed Aizhi staff member said.

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