Will Sylvia Day's 'Crossfire' series get a TV adaptation?

Sylvia Day, who recently released the third book in her 'Crossfire' series, said the books have been optioned by the production company Lionsgate.

Sylvia Day's newest 'Crossfire' novel, 'Entwined with You,' was released this past June.

Is the popular “Crossfire” series by Sylvia Day coming to a TV screen near you?

Day, who has released three books involving the “Crossfire” characters, recently told the website Bookish that the erotic novels have been optioned by the Lionsgate company, though a network has not yet gotten involved.

The author, who said she would be an executive consultant for the show, pointed out that a “Crossfire” show would need to go to HBO, Showtime, or other channel that would be comfortable showing more explicit sex scenes.

“You really couldn't do a PG version of Crossfire!” Day said in the interview with Bookish. “It just wouldn't work. [The creative team] have that in mind. We're all on board with the fact that it would need to be premium cable, on which recently we've seen a lot of wonderful book-to-film adaptations: Game of Thrones, Dexter, True Blood.”

She also pointed out Lionsgate’s recent familiarity with the transition from book to screen.

“It's Lionsgate, which has The Hunger Games and Twilight; they're working on Divergent right now,” Day said. “This is a studio that is very familiar with book-to-film adaptations and doing them really well and staying true to the stories. I expect no less with the Crossfire series.”

Meanwhile, Lionsgate executive vice president Chris Selak called the “Crossfire” books “enduring, sexy, and edgy.”

“We're looking forward to working with her to create a show that both excites and connects with audiences as her books have done,” he said in a statement.

Day’s series follows New Yorker Eva Tramell, who meets a rich businessman named Gideon Cross. 

The author has said she is planning two more books in the “Crossfire” series. The most recent, “Entwined with You,” was released in June and is currently ranked number 18 on the New York Times e-book fiction bestseller list.

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