Veronica Mars seals a book deal

Veronica Mars lives again – in a new book series as well as an upcoming film.

Promo shot of Kristen Bell, who plays Veronica Mars, for the Veronica Mars movie.

Veronica Mars is making a comeback after a six-year hiatus. Not only is a movie scheduled for a 2014 release, but now there is a book deal featuring the sassy young TV detective as well.

Kristen Bell played Veronica Mars in the popular TV show which ran from 2004 to 2007. In the show, Veronica, then still a teen, wooed and won audiences with her portrayal of a young detective-in-training working in the fictional town of Neptune, Calif.

Fans mourned when the show was cancelled. But then, last year, Rob Thomas, the creator of Veronica Mars, joined forces with Bell to create a Kickstarter project and raised $5.7 million to give Veronica Mars new life in a feature film.

Now, according to Entertainment Weekly, “Vintage Books has announced a two-book deal with Rob Thomas and Alloy Entertainment to publish additional adventures of Neptune’s resident detective.” The first book will begin where "Veronica Mars: The Movie" leaves off, with Veronica at the age of 28.  The book is scheduled for release in spring 2014.

Thomas, who says that he originally intended Veronica Mars as a young adult novel, adds that he is, "thrilled that [he's] going to get the opportunity to continue telling Veronica Mars stories in a form I've loved and missed".  

The show's many fans should be overjoyed by this project which hints at a sustainable future for the young detective. The TV version of Veronica Mars won considerable acclaim during its three years of life. The show was nominated for two Satellite Awards, four Saturn Awards, and five Teen Choice Awards. It was also featured on AFI's TV Programs of the Year in 2005. 

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