Paula Deen to star in comic book

Bluewater President Darren Davis states that a 'Female Force' comic book featuring Deen will be published this October despite recent controversy over alleged racial slurs made by Deen.

Bluewater Productions plans on releasing their biography comic focused on Paula Deen in October.

Despite Paula Deen's admission that she used a racial slur and her publisher's cancellation of a book deal, Deen will star in the a "Female Force" comic book, joining the ranks of Michelle Obama, J.K. Rowling, and Angelina Jolie.

Darren Davis, president of publisher Bluewater Productions, said in a statement that, although they “do not condone her use of racial insensitivities,” he believes Paula still has an impressive story to share. The comic book series' purpose is to highlight women who the publisher believes to be examples of female empowerment.

The publisher attempted to contact Ms. Deen several months ago, with the proposal to offer a donation and ads the charity of her choice, but the the celebrity chef and restaurateur has yet to respond, Mr. Davis told Reuters. 

The comic book had already been planned before Deen was sued for discrimination and, according to NPR, Bluewater spokesman Jason Schultz said one page or more of the comic book will mention the recent events.

However, Davis said in his statement that the scandal will not be the main focus of the book.

“We’re not going to flambé her,” he told Reuters. The main focus will be on what Paula has achieved, Davis said, including her journey to celebrity status and how she became a household name.

Schultz told ABC News that the company has "heard from her fans who support us moving forward with the book."

The "Female Force: Paula Deen" comic book is scheduled for an October release.

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