Apple update: Tim Cook to testify

Apple CEO Tim Cook has been deposed by the court and will testify for four hours in the Apple price-fixing case.

A court has ordered a deposition of Apple CEO Tim Cook. Paul Sakuma/AP

Apple CEO Tim Cook will testify in the e-book price-fixing case, reports Reuters. Apple argued against the deposition. Eleven Apple executives have been testified or are scheduled to do so. Apple attorney Orin Snyder said, "This effort to depose Mr. Cook, Apple's CEO, reflects the fact the government cannot meet its burden of proof in this case."

The Department of Justice is taking the position that Cook is the "only potential source of  information," because of the close relationship he had with former Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who died in 2011.

Denise Cote, the US district Judge on the case, cited Jobs' death as a reason for ordering Cook's deposition.

The US Department of Justice has been pursuing a legal suit against Apple since April 2012. Five publishers were accused along with Apple, but as of February, they have all settled with the DOJ.

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