Ron Paul will pen book advocating a free-market approach to education

The former congressman's book, titled 'New School Manifesto,' is scheduled for a September release.

Julie Jacobson/AP
The book 'New School Manifesto' will be released by Grand Central Publishing.

Fresh off a presidential primary run and retirement from Congress, Ron Paul is hitting the books.

Actually, he’s writing them. The former Texas GOP congressman is turning his libertarian focus to education with a new book that advocates for a free-market approach to schooling and education.

“New School Manifesto” will be published by Grand Central Publishing Sept. 17, just in time for back-to-school season.

According to the publisher, the book will be “a focused guide to Dr. Paul’s position, which centers on a strong support for home schooling and free-market principles applied to education. He makes the case for individual freedoms as they pertain to educating our children, and nimbly dissects the most pressing issues that need to be addressed from the libertarian point of view.”

In “New School Manifesto,” Paul compares the education system to the postal service, arguing both would benefit from private sector competition, according to Politico. The libertarian author also examines a variety of education policy proposals, says the news site, and advocates that parents should have more leverage in choosing what schooling system is best for their children. 

Some interesting context: Throughout his career, Paul has tried to get the government out of education. During the 2012 presidential campaign, then-GOP nominee contender Paul advocated closing the Department of Education as well as abolishing “No Child Left Behind.” Instead Paul was in favor of giving tax credits and vouchers to parents. That small government, free-market approach is sure to shape his latest book. He has also long opposed federal student loans and has called federal education efforts a “propaganda machine,” according to the Houston Chronicle.

“Ron Paul’s beliefs are always controversial, and even if you disagree with his principles, his arguments will make you think,” his publisher says of the forthcoming book. ”Ron Paul’s ideas and his urgent appeal to all citizens and officials will tell us what we need to do fix America’s education system for future generations.”

Husna Haq is a Monitor correspondent.

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