Anthony Shadid's memoir will be released early

Late New York Times reporter Anthony Shadid's book was originally planned for a March 27 release date but its publication has now been moved up.

Julia Ewan/HOEP/The Washington Post/AP
New York Times reporter Anthony Shadid died of what appeared to be an asthma attack in Syria on Feb. 16.

"A House of Stone," a memoir by Anthony Shadid, a New York Times reporter who recently died in Syria of what seemed to be an asthma attack, will be released on Feb. 28 rather than on the book’s original March 27 release date.

Shadid had previously written other books, including “Legacy of the Prophet,” which was released in 2002, and “Night Draws Near,” which came out in 2005. The reporter had won two Pulitzer Prizes for his work with the Washington Post.

Shadid’s memoir follows his quest to renovate a house originally built by his great-grandfather in Lebanon.

Molly Driscoll is a Monitor contributor.

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