Amazon offers trade-in program for Kindles, iPads

Amazon is offering a certain percent of the original price in Amazon credit to users willing to turn in their old devices.

Amazon offers $28 in credit to users who trade in their first-generation Kindle and a bit more for later versions.

Adding fuel to its Kindle Fire promotion campaign, Amazon has started a program where customers can trade in their Kindles – and even their iPads or other tablets and devices – in exchange for Amazon credit.

The initiative, which many assume is an attempt to get more customers to buy the new Amazon Kindle Fire tablet, offers customers a certain percentage of the price they paid for their old Kindle, tablet, or other device. Kindle users who still own the first version of the product can get up to $28 back for the product, which originally cost $399, according to a Los Angeles Times article. Newer Kindles have been receiving a little more Amazon credit, with the highest trade-in value at $135 for trading in a Kindle on the Amazon trade-in website.

iPads are listed with a maximum trade-in of $330 for the second version of the Apple tablet, with the first iPad edition trading in for a maximum of $220.

The amount customers would get for trading in other tablets is the highest for the Blackberry Playbook, which offers a maximum trade-in credit of $352. Other tablets Amazon is accepting include the Samsung Galaxy Tab and HP Touchpads. Other items like iPod touches and Android phones can also be traded in.

Molly Driscoll is a Monitor contributor.

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