Donald Trump will star in his own comic book

A comic-book bio will chronicle "the polarizing life and career of the high-profile tycoon, presidential aspirant and media bon vivant" Donald Trump.

Donald Trump "may be egocentric, he may be a grandstander and a loudmouth, but there's no denying he has the attention of America," says the author of an upcoming comic-book bio chronicling the life of The Donald.

Donald Trump seems to be everywhere these days: New York, Atlantic City, Washington D.C. And as a Bostonian who tries to steer clear of real estate magnates and politicians alike, I was rather surprised – unsettled, really – to see him just up the road from me the other day in Portsmouth, N.H.

But for those who can't get enough of him, there's now more to come. This October Bluewater Productions will release "Political Power: Donald Trump," a comic-book biography of Trump.

"Trump may be egocentric, he may be a grandstander and a loudmouth, but there's no denying he has the attention of America," says Jerome Maida, the freelance journalist who will be penning the Trump story – chronicling Trump's "transition from real estate magnate who took over his successful father's company to 'The Donald,' the eponymous moniker that fuels tabloids, drives television ratings, and relishes the spotlight" – for the 32-page book.

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Bluewater launched its "Political Power" series in 2009 as a companion to its "Female Force" biography line, which has included popular bios of Michelle Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and Sarah Palin.

Many other celebrities have been given the comic-book bio treatment by Bluewater, including everyone from royal newlyweds William and Kate to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to troubled party girl Lindsay Lohan.

But is Trump's run at the US presidency sufficiently serious to merit his inclusion in a series called "Political Power"? Yes, say the comic book producers. He's out there – and apparently that's enough.

"Whether you agree with his political posturing or find him completely self-interested and insincere, he's pulling up a chair at the 2012 Republican presidential nomination table," says Bluewater president Darren Davis.

Marjorie Kehe is the Monitor's books editor.

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