Is Gotham City ready for two Batmans?

The Bruce Wayne Batman is coming back – but the Dick Grayson Batman is staying put.

DC Comics announced this week that when Bruce Wayne returns to the DC universe this fall (he’s been lost in time... it's a long story) he will once again take up his mantle as Batman, but his ward Dick Grayson, who has been filling in as Batman, will remain a Batman as well.

The adult Dick Grayson, who has long given up his Robin identity, has been an extremely popular Batman across three monthly comic books: "Batman," "Detective Comics," and "Batman and Robin" over the past year. The Bruce Wayne Batman will star in two new monthly books: "Batman Inc." and "Batman: The Dark Knight."

DC is keeping mum about most details but they did say that in "Batman Inc." Bruce Wayne will be entrusting the care of his beloved Gotham City to the Grayson Batman and Robin (who is currently Wayne’s son Damian Wayne... again, another long story) and turning his attention to making his presence better known globally.

So does the "Inc." in the title mean that there are more Batmen on the way? I guess we’ll have to check out the comics when this all gets under way in November.

Rich Clabaugh is a Monitor staff artist.

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