Who is Temple Grandin?

Temple Grandin was a big winner at the 2010 Emmys. But for many viewers, she is still not a household name.

Many animal advocates honor Temple Grandin (right) for her efforts at ending animal suffering. Some others dislike her cooperation with slaughter houses.

The HBO film "Temple Grandin" was a big winner at the 2010 Emmys. But the woman dressed in attire more often seen on the ranch than at the Hollywood Bowl is still a relatively unknown quantity to many viewers.

For many animal lovers, however, she's been a hero for decades. Some argue (even while others disagree) that's she done more than anyone else on the planet to ease animal suffering.

To learn more about Temple Grandin, click here to see a Monitor review of her recent book "Animals Make Us Human," including an audio interview with Temple Grandin herself.

Marjorie Kehe is the Monitor's book editor.

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