Kindle for iPad app goes on display

No need to choose between Apple and Amazon – there's now a Kindle for iPad app.

Mario Jose Sanchez/AP
iPad users will be able to buy books from the Apple e-book store – or use a Kindle app from Amazon.

Looking to buy an iPad on April 3? If so, your next decision may be which bestselling book you want to download first – because there will be no shortage of e-book shops and reading apps to facilitate your purchase.

PC World is reporting that Amazon has introduced its e-book shop and reader app for the iPad today. When the iPad debuts on April 3, more than 450,000 Kindle titles will be available to iPad users through the Kindle app. Do you already read on a Kindle or an iPhone? No problem – Amazon's Whispersync technology will automatically synchronize the last page you read on these other devices.

The Kindle app will also allow readers to adjust background color, font size, and screen brightness, and to use page-turn animations.

The Kindle app, of course, will be a competitor to Apple's own iBooks store. And The New York Times notes that Barnes & Noble is also developing apps for buying and reading electronic books on the iPad. But there is nothing strange about such cooperation among competitors, says the Times. "The expectation is that the iPad will give a big lift to the e-book market, benefiting the whole industry."

The Kindle for iPad app will also be available for use on other tablet computers.

While it may be a bit confusing sorting out all the various new high-tech options for enjoying books, one thing seems clear: This is an excellent time to be a reader.

Marjorie Kehe is the Monitor's book editor.

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