A sneak preview of "Going Rogue"

What did Sarah Palin include in her memoir "Going Rogue"?

Can't wait till Nov. 17 to find out what Sarah Palin is going to include in her memoir "Going Rogue"? Time magazine's Mark Halperin can offer you a few tantalizing hints, such as the fact that Palin does some serious score-settling with the McCain campaign and that (despite the presence of a collaborator) the book really sounds like Palin (meaning that it has "a warm and personal tone.")

Early copies of the book (which will be officially released on the 17th) are already being shipped and Halperin says sources of his have either seen it or been briefed on its contents. Writing on Time magazine's website, Halperin also says that the book includes five long chapters, heartily trounces the national media, and emphasizes the importance of faith in Palin's life.

What it does not do, says Halperin, is offer "hefty policy prescriptions" or include an index (unusual for a political book – in Washington the real-life characters included in such books appreciate the ability to quickly check the back to find out where they're mentioned).

Palin's book tour (which she will make by bus, accompanied by members of her family), kicks off on Nov. 18 in Grand Rapid. But Halperin, who saw her return to public speaking on Nov. 6 outside Milwaukee, say that two things are already clear: "Palin is now a thoroughly professional rogue — and she is going to sell a ton of books."

Despite occasional instances of misspeaking, Halperin says that Palin was easily able to energize her audience with lines like: "Don't let anyone ever tell you to sit down and shut up."

But is she acting like a candidate? Halperin says no. "For now," he writes, "she's all about polishing her brand for its purchasing — not its political — power."

Marjorie Kehe is the Monitor’s book editor. You can follow her on Twitter at

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