The first picture book arrives on iPhone

It was only a matter of time before it happened – and now it has. Children's picture books are now becoming available on iPhone.

According to, picture book publisher Winged Chariot Press has made "The Surprise," by Sylvia van Ommen, a story for pre-readers about a sheep who sheers her own wool as part of a mysterious project, available on the iPhone, for 59p (or about .99 cents).

"The iPhone is particularly suited to picture books owing to its touch-sensitive colour screen,"  Neal Hoskins, founder of Winged Chariot Press, told "Children can follow the story on the iPhone using sliding illustrations, animation and sound." The company plans to make other picture books available on the iPhone as well.

How significant is this development? The reader (aka, Harry Gutbucket, Jr.) who commented at the bottom of the Bookseller website may have been sarcastic, but there are undoubtedly others who will take such comments seriously.

"That's it!," Harry wrote. "Books are finished! Bring on the tech! Bring on the revolution!!"

(Chapter & Verse readers are reminded that the 8/31/09 Monitor Books podcast is available at iTunes or by clicking here.

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