On Bloomsday 2009, a pair of presents for James Joyce fans

Well, it's June 16 again – a date savvy readers will recognize as Bloomsday, the annual celebration of all things James Joyce. (For the uninitiated: all of the events in "Ulysses," Joyce's greatest novel – and perhaps the greatest novel in the English language – take place on June 16, 1904.)

May we suggest a couple of ways to celebrate?

First, a Twitter performance of "Wandering Rocks," the tenth chapter of "Ulysses." Three years, ago Ian Bogost, a Georgia Tech professor, and his friend Ian McCarthy, began adapted chapters of Joyce's masterpiece to the popular social networking site. As the Associated Press notes, "'Wandering Rocks' is especially well-suited to Twitter because it follows 19 Dubliners going about their daily business."

You can catch up on the action here.

If Twitter isn't quite your speed, navigate over to artist Robert Berry's graphic novel visualization of "Ulysses." Berry has a fine touch – the colors are vibrant and sharp, the dialogue is easy to follow, and the whole point-and-click experience is top notch. It may not quite the same as tackling the real thing, but this version is a close second.

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