Former Treasury Secretary Paulson to write a book

The book deal was done quickly and quietly because – unlike most authors – this one was not looking to make a profit. But former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson does have  a story he wants to tell.

So this October, Business Plus – an imprint of Grand Central Publishing and the Hachette Book Group – will bring out a book by Paulson offering what is being called "one of the ultimate inside takes" on the US economic crisis.

Paulson, who is a former chairman and CEO of Goldman Sachs, is taking no advance on his book and plans to donate all profits to the Homeownership Preservation Foundation, a nonprofit group which works with families to try to prevent foreclosure of their homes.

“I didn’t come to Washington thinking I was going to leave and write a book" Paulson told the Associated Press yesterday. "But this period was so significant and there are so many insights and so many lessons learned that I think an understanding of this extraordinary period is important."

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