"Stuff white people like": from blog to book

Dogs, hummus, sea salt, organic food, political prisoners – these are the things that hip, liberal, white people like. At least that's what Christian Lander says in his blog, a forum that manages to entertain at least as many readers as it offends.

And now that blog will become a book called "Stuff White People Like: A Definitive Guide to the Unique Taste of Millions." The book will contain photos, graphics and some of Lander's already published blogs along with new material.

Lander told CNN in an interview that he gets his ideas from, " 'Keeping my eyes open. I just see what people are up to. And the mirror is another good place to look for inspiration. I really make fun of myself.'

CNN: 'So what makes you an authority on white people?'

Lander: 'Look at me [laughing]. I mean, I have liberal arts degrees; I look like this. I'm on the inside.' "

Lander explained later in the interview that when he writes about white people he is really critiquing himself. "I am attacking my own pretentiousness and my own ridiculousness," he says. "It's just amazing because these people are so self-aware but so unaware at the same time."

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