A six-year-old's book about Obama

Many historians will write books about Barack Obama, but few of them are likely to have the chance to call him "neighbor." Six-year-old Zenin Miller has the distinction of being both an Obama author and his across-the-street neighbor.

Zenin, who lives in a third-floor apartment across Hyde Park Boulevard from the Obamas' Chicago home, will publish a book in March called, "It's me, Zenin! President Barack Obama's Kid Neighbor."

Zenin took most of the photos in the book himself, but his mother, Jackie, helped him with the text, which tells the whole story — how the Obamas first moved in two years ago, what it was like when the barricades went up during the presidential campaign, how secret service men looking like ninjas (Zenin's description) began prowling roofs in the neighborhood.

The author has met his subject in person. When the Obamas first moved in, Zenin told him, "Welcome to the neighborhood."  The future president answered, "Nice to meet you, Zenin."

Zenin is getting an early start in the publishing world, but that's not where he sees his future. He hopes instead to be president, a secret service agent, and a ninja.

You can see the whole story plus video of an interview with Zenin at Chicago's WLS-TV.

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