Another advocate for e-readers

"Ironic" is definitely the word for it. Wasn't it just a year ago that Steve Jobs told us at Macworld Expo 2008, when asked about e-reading devices, "“It doesn’t matter how good or bad the product is; the fact is that people don’t read anymore.

"Forty percent of the people in the US read one book or less last year”?

And yet now it seems impossible to scan publishing headlines for more than a day or two without seeing some new burst of enthusiasm for reading e-books on iPhones.

The latest e-book/iPhone convert is publishing blogger Joe Wikert. Wikert, by his own admission, is "the guy who was so bullish on the Kindle that I started a separate blog dedicated to it."

Now he says," I'm not suggesting Kindleville is going away, but I do wish I would have jumped on the Apple bandwagon earlier and created iPhoneville instead!"

His reasoning: "I was a skeptic till I got an iPhone a couple of months ago.  Even though the book selection is very limited in the AppStore, I'd be hard-pressed to buy a Kindle now that I have an iPhone.  In fact, I had been planning to buy the next generation Kindle that's rumored to appear next year but I doubt I will now.  Again, this is coming from one of the Kindle's biggest advocates!"

Personally, I own and enjoy a Kindle. But then again, I'm not an iPhone user.

Chances are, someday I (and most everyone) will have that or the equivalent.

I must admit, if I were Amazon, this would all make me pretty nervous.

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