Kids, pets, and the White House

For parents hoping to use "Obama-mania" to seize upon a teachable moment, children's publisher Scholastic has put together a list of books about First Kids, pets, and life in the White House.

The one title that touches on all three is "First Kids: The True Stories of All the Presidents’ Children" by Noah McCullough.

For parents and children unfamiliar with Noah McCullough, now would be a great time to make his acquaintance. Not only are his books interesting (he has written two), but he also makes an excellent role model as he's only 13.

Impassioned by presidential politics when he was still in kindergarten (he became fascinated by the electoral college during the 2000 presidential election), McCullough sees it as his life mission to get other kids enthused as well.

He has made numerous television appearances and has speaking engagements across the US. He has also stated that he hopes to be the Republican candidate for the office of President of the United States in 2032.

Also on Scholastic's list of presidential and pet-related reading for kids:

Books about First Kids & Living in the White House:

First Kids:

What to Do About Alice? How Alice Roosevelt Broke the Rules, Charmed the World, and Drove Her Father Teddy Crazy!
By Barbara Kerley, Illustrated by Edwin Fotheringham
ISBN: 0-439-92231-3 / 978-0-439-92231-9
Scholastic Press / March 2008
$16.99 / Ages 4-8
Brimming with affection, this spirited picture book biography brings young Alice Roosevelt, daughter of Theodore Roosevelt, to life, and gives readers a peek at what life was like as a president’s daughter.

The White House: An Illustrated History
By Catherine O’Neill Grace
Scholastic Nonfiction / October 2003
ISBN: 0-439-42971-4 / 978-0-439-42971-9
$19.95 / Ages 8 up
More than 200 photographs offer fascinating behind-the-scenes glimpses of life inside today’s White House, while an engaging narrative tells young readers all about the history of this famous American landmark.

Books about First Pets and Caring for Your New Pet:

Wackiest White House Pets
By Gibbs Davis, illustrated by David A. Johnson
Scholastic Press / October 2004
ISBN: 0-439-44373-3 / 978-0-439-44373-9
$16.95; Ages: 7–10
With comical anecdotes and hilarious illustrations, this book takes a look at some of the White House’s wackiest residents—the pets! Gibbs Davis splits her time between Milwaukee, Wisconsin and New York City.

Me and My Puppy
By Kate Fordham
Tangerine Press/Scholastic / September 2007
ISBN: 0-439-91882-0 / 978-0-439-97882-4
$9.99 / Ages 4-8
Quizzes help kids figure out which type of puppy is right for them, and then advice and tips show them how to best take care of their pet. A perfect handbook for the new First Daughters.

How to Speak Dog!
By Sarah Whitehead
Scholastic Reference / January 2008
ISBN: 0-545-02078-6 / 978-0-545-02078-7
$6.99 / Ages 7-10
If a dog could talk, what would it say? This book helps readers discovers why dogs do the things they do, and helps dog-owners talk to their pets in ways pets can understand. Includes amazing photos of kids and their pets.

Books Coming Soon about Our New President:

Mr. President: A Book of U.S. Presidents (2009 Edition including President-Elect Obama)
By George Sullivan
Scholastic Reference / December 2009
ISBN: 0-545-08712-0 / 978-0-545-08712-4
$5.99 / Ages 8-12
In this book, readers will learn about all of the inspiring individuals who’ve occupied the Oval Office—from George Washington to Barack Obama. The process of electing a president is clearly explained, as is the job of a president in this freshly updated 2009 edition.

Scholastic Encyclopedia of the Presidents and Their Times (Updated for 2009 including President-Elect Obama)
By David Rubel
Scholastic Reference / January 2009
ISBN: 0-545-10149-2 / 978-0-545-10149-3
$21.99 / Ages 9-12
This easy-to-use reference about the presidents teaches students about each president, as well as the history of the United States. Each year from 1789-2009 has its own page, and this new 2009 edition is updated with information on Barack Obama.

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