Self-publishing for kids

A new online site allows children to publish their own books.

Why didn't someone think of this one before?

An article in the Boston Herald earlier this month tells about, a site which allows kids to publish their own books. The site is a beta site (ie, still in the test phase) but boy what a great idea. CEO Sharon Kan is a mom who says it occurred to her one day, while standing in Barnes & Noble, that all the books in the children's section were written by adults. Kids "have so much imagination," she says. "They can make up great stories."

At Tikatok, kids write their own stories online, scan or mail in their art, and then pay $20 for a finished book. Kan says membership (which is free) has been growing by 300 to 500% a month since the site launched in March.

As I said, why didn't someone think of this one before?

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