Children's books and war

Pictures can be useful in conveying 1,000 difficult words, especially if the subject is something like military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. And especially if the words are meant for children.

While this is not meant to be a complete list, here are a few suggested titles that could begin to help children understand more about what's going on "over there." It goes without saying, that while books are useful, children also need thoughtful discussions with adults about these kinds of topics.
The Librarian of Basra: A True Story of Iraq
By Jeanette Winter, Harcourt, 32 pp., ages 4-8

Silent Music
By James Rumford, Roaring Brook Press, 32 pp., ages 4-8

Ancient Iraq: Archaeology Unlocks the Secrets of Iraq's Past
By Beth Gruber, National Geographic, 64 pps., ages 8-12

Under the Persimmon Tree
By Susan Fisher Staples; Farrar, Straus and Giroux; 288 pp.; ages 9-12

Parvana's Journey
By Deborah Ellis, Groundwood Books, 176 pp., ages 9-12

What children's books have you come across lately that would be useful additions to this list?

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