The rock star of astrophysics?

It’s not often that astrophysicists develop much of a media profile, but Michio Kaku must be regarded as an exception.

The physicist who teaches at City University of New York, specializing in string theory, also happens to be a very entertaining late-night TV and radio-type guest speaker.

So if you have a few moments and any interest whatsoever in time travel, aliens, quantum computers, or the future of civilization, go to and punch in the name Michio Kaku. My guess is that you’ll be intrigued.

Kaku also has a new book out called “Physics of the Impossible” in which he explains the possibilities behind the favorite inventions of sci-fi writers: time travel, parallel universes, invisibility cloaks, etc.

To read the Monitor’s review of “Physics of the Impossible,” click here.

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