Reader recommendation: A Thousand Farewells

Monitor readers share their favorite book picks.

I just read A Thousand Farewells by Nahlah Ayed, who is a Canadian reporter, born in Winnipeg, of Palestinian descent, fluent in Arabic and English. Ayed has worked for CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corp.) since 2002 and reported extensively from the Mideast and beyond. Her book explains why a woman born in North America would go back to the country of her parents' origin, in spite of grave personal danger, to help Canadians (and the world) understand the background, sacrifices, and goings-on behind the scenes of some of the world's most volatile regions. Ayed tells a breath-taking and sometimes heartrending story of her experiences, and makes me realize just how fortunate I am here in my home and native land, where I hope and pray to never take my freedoms and stability for granted.

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