Universe: Rebirth, the Deluxe Edition

A new hardcover celebrates the biggest comic event of 2016.

With 'Rebirth,' DC takes many of its 'New 52' concepts and combines them with previous continuities to reinvigorate these classic comic characters.

On May 25 of this year, DC Comics released "DC Rebirth Special #1," which triggered a revamp of the entire DC universe.

This brought an end to their last line-wide relaunch "The New 52" which had been in place since September 2011. With "The New 52," DC erased its history and many of its characters as well, making the remaining characters younger and fairly new to the superhero game. Now with "Rebirth" DC takes many of its "New 52" concepts and combines them with previous continuities to reinvigorate these classic comic characters, a hard task considering many of these superheroes have been having adventures for over 70 years.

The story in "Rebirth" is told from the perspective of one of the characters "erased" from "The New 52" continuity – Wally West, the Flash (yes, there are more than one Flash). Wally has been trying to get back to the DC Universe but he cannot reconnect unless he finds someone who remembers him. He travels ghost-like to different heroes trying to reach them while noticing the changes to his friends, especially the lack of hope and love.

Wally does finally return and brings back with him a dire warning – all that's been lost and changed (known to us as "The New 52") was done to weaken them. There's a new foe, more dangerous than the heroes have ever fought, watching them, changing them and our heroes have to prepare for a war for the very soul of the DC Universe. There's so much more to this tale and I don't want to spoil all the surprises but what a mystery to jumpstart this brave new (and no-so-new) world.

This 80-page story is written by Geoff Johns, one of the best writers in comics and the perfect choice to bring the heart back to the DC Universe. The art by Gary Frank, Ethan Van Sciver, Ivan Reis, and Phil Jimenez captures all the power and emotion of Johns's script.

The original comic, which proved so popular it received three printings, is beautifully repackaged into this handsome hardcover edition. There are some great extras included such as all the various covers for the comic editions, as well as a peek at some of the new costume designs of these beloved characters.

Fans who stopped reading DC comics due to the drastic changes of "The New 52" run will love what's been done here. Johns and his artists have recharged the DC Universe, restoring older ideas and introducing new ones. Our favorite superheroes stand refreshed and ready to face new challenges.

This is gonna be fun.

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