5 romance novels perfect for beach reading

These five novels are shaped by secrets that come close to destroying relationships – and in some cases, lives – and yet honesty wins out.

2. "The Devil in Disguise," by Stefanie Sloane

Stefanie Sloane's The Devil in Disguise is a debut historical novel that pits an intelligent but innocent young lady against a rake with secrets of many different kinds. Lord William Randall is a member of a young group of aristocrats, used by the crown in various spying capacities. When Lady Lucinda Grey is threatened, Will is assigned to "court" her, while keeping her safe. Lucinda is no fool, and she mistrusts the motives of the libertine who suddenly appears at her side. But Will soothes her fears by promising that he has "no intent to court her for sport." That's true enough – he's courting her because he was ordered to do so. As in "Just Like Heaven," Lucinda's humiliation on finding out the truth – when she demands whether William plans to steal her dignity, having already stolen her heart – makes for an enthralling reading experience.

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