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  • My Isl@m

    Based on his own story, popular Islamic blogger Amir Ahmad Nasr argues that the Internet will be for Islam what the printing press was for Christianity – a driving force for reform.

  • 'The Ocean at the End of the Lane': Neil Gaiman garners mostly positive reviews

    'The Ocean at the End of the Lane,' is being hailed as Gaiman's first book for adults in eight years. But is it really?

  • Duel with the Devil

    NPR 'literary detective' Paul Collins chronicles a gripping real-life murder mystery, set in New York City circa 1800 – the first truly tabloid crime in our nation's history.

  • Algerian Chronicles

    Albert Camus's 1957 work shows his outrage over the suffering of Algeria's Arab and Berber populations.

  • You Are One of Them

    Despite Soviet conspiracy themes, Elliott Holt's debut novel is really the poignant story of a fragmented family.

  • The Other Typist

    Suzanne Rindell's debut novel is a thrilling riff on noir tales.

  • TransAtlantic

    National Book Award winner Colum McCann delivers one of the more beautifully written novels of the year.

  • Anne Frank: The Biography

    New material allows German historian and biographer Melissa Müller to offer a deeper, more nuanced view of the world's most famous Holocaust diarist.

  • Joyland

    At its heart, Stephen King's latest novel is a captivating story filled with more light than dark, more sweetness than horror, and plenty of  grace.

  • City of Ambition

    Mason B. Williams looks back at the unique Depression-era collaboration between FDR and New York mayor Fiorello La Guardia.

  • Silent Voices

    Ann Cleeves unleashes a 'large and shambolic' female detective – a refreshing break from current mystery trends.

  • American Gun

    Chris Kyle's examination of the place of weapons in our culture arrives at just the right time.

  • Revolutionary Summer

    Joseph J. Ellis offers a stirring account of the fateful summer of 1776 – when Americans had to decide who they really were.

  • We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves

    Karen Joy Fowler's outstanding new novel lands with the force of a haymaker.

  • 1913: In Search of the World Before the Great War

    Historian Charles Emmerson's sweeping journey through 1913 shows that the Great War was far from inevitable. The optimism, ideas, and global interconnectedness of the era could have led the world down a different path.

  • Steal the Menu

    Raymond Sokolov may occasionally alienate the reader, but his memoir is knowledgeable and fascinating.

  • Americanah

    Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's cosmopolitan new novel 'Americanah' follows two Nigerian odysseys.

  • The World Is a Carpet

    Journalist Anna Badkhen chronicles four seasons spent in a tiny village in Afghanistan.

  • The Last Man in Russia

    British journalist Oliver Bullough describes a Russia that is destroying itself from within.

  • A Book of Voyages

    Patrick O'Brian's "A Book of Voyages" – available in America for the first time – spans the globe with some of history's most adventurous writers.