Ten football books for the season’s home stretch

Enjoy these 10 titles as the football season reaches its last days.

6. ‘Big Game: The NFL in Dangerous Times,’ by Mark Leibovich

How does a seasoned political reporter see the National Football League after four years spent partly observing the league close at hand? We find out in “Big Game: The NFL in Dangerous Times,” a multitude of impressions of the league drawn from Mark Leibovich’s notebooks. In his “day job," Leibovich is the chief national correspondent for the New York Times Magazine, but for this journalistic foray, he did everything from attending league meetings, the draft, and the enshrinement of latest Hall of Famers to interviewing Commissioner Roger Goodell and numerous team owners and players, From these experiences, the author draws a picture of a league that is hugely prosperous and at the same time troubled by mounting concerns about player injuries and even national anthem protests that have pitted President Trump against the league.

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