9 best books about the Pacific War

World War II is sometimes thought of as primarily a fight against Nazi Germany, with the war in the Pacific as an after-thought. Fortunately, there is no shortage of worthwhile books about the Pacific War.

2. "The Rape of Nanking," by Irish Chang

China’s role in World War II is almost forgotten today. But as many as 20 million Chinese died in the conflict, more deaths than the US, Japan, Great Britain, and Germany combined.  The Japanese barbarity towards Chinese civilians was remarkable even by the standards of the worst war in history.  The Rape of Nanking by Iris Chang (Basic Books, 1997) is the story of the massacre that followed Japan’s 1937 capture of that city. In just four days, some 200,000 people were slaughtered.  A few historians have criticized the book for inaccuracies, but Chang dramatically increased attention of the horrific event and China’s role in the conflict.

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