4 extremely funny audiobooks

With mud, rain, taxes, and chilly nights, the spring can sometimes be quite cruel. So let’s have a laugh. All titles were downloaded from

1. "Without Feathers," by Woody Allen

Without Feathers, by Woody Allen
(Read by Woody Allen; Audible, Inc.; 4 hours and 13 minutes)

With deadpan humor and a true understanding of life as an underdog, Allen delivers 16 tales that are as riotously funny as when they first appeared in magazines in the 1970s.  True standouts are “The Whore of Mensa” in which women sell their minds and not their bodies and "If the Impressionists Had Been Dentists."

Each piece is a study in absurdity, with twists that are so silly, and so clever, that you will be bent over with laughter.  The production quality is odd, however, as Allen sounds older in most of the essays, then remarkably youthful in “Mensa.” Themes are adult. 

Grade: A


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