Football books: 6 great titles to check out this season

As football teams duke it out, check out these titles about everything from Peyton’s picker to Spurrier and the SEC.

2. 'My Conference Can Beat Your Conference,' by Paul Finebaum and Gene Wojciechowski

Harper Books

Paul Finebaum, an ESPN analyst, national radio talk show host, and football’s “Mouth of the South,” chronicles the rise of the Southeastern Conference into a gridiron giant.  

“[W]hen it comes to college football, the South has no equal because the SEC has no equal. We have so many trophies, banners and national titles that we rent storage space at the National Archives. Our championship teams have spent more time in the White House than the Secret Service. We’ve presented so many No. 1 jerseys to POTUS, he could open his own Dick’s Sporting Goods.

“Anytime you want to send down your best twenty-two against the SEC’s best twenty-two, I’ll be glad to bet my house against yours. In fact, just to make it a tiny bit more fair, forget about the SEC’s best twenty-two – I’ll take the best of the SEC West or the best of the SEC East against anything you’ve got. And I’ll still spot you a touchdown."

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