7 books for golfers and fairway fans

Spring sunshine glints off golf clubs once again, stirring those who play, enjoy watching, or simply communing with the game through the printed word. Here are excerpts from seven books that range from a young caddie's perspective to a closeup of a famous course architect.

1. “The Kingdom of Golf in America”

By Richard J. Moss

University of Nebraska Press

388 pages

“If we look at sport spectating as an extension of theater, it is clear that the nature of the venue is crucial. In all the major sport venues, except golf, the spectator’s vantage point is fixed. A stadium or an arena is simply very different from a golf course. The site of the action is clearly fixed to a prescribed area and in contrast to a golf course, the area is relatively small. The typical golf fan may wander for miles as he or she watches the action, or they may simply take up a position and watch the event pass before them. Finally, a golf fan may be at the event to see a course and a club that is ordinarily closed to the public. In the twenties, and even today, a golf tournament’s attraction may include the chance to wander the grounds and see the famous holes at Augusta, Merion, Oakmont, Baltustrol, Winged Foot, or Pebble Beach.” 

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