10 best books of February 2014, according to Amazon's editors

It's still cold and going outside is looking less and less appealing. What book should you bring to the couch along with your warmest blanket and a cup of hot chocolate? Amazon's editors have selected the books they think are the best of this month's new releases. Check out all the picks, with thoughts on each from Amazon editorial director Sara Nelson.

1. 'Caught,' by Lisa Moore

"February" author Moore's latest novel tells the story of David Slaney, an incarcerated twentysomething who breaks out of jail to try to get involved in selling drugs again. Once out, he puts into motion a plan to transport marijuana from Colombia to Canada. Nelson compares the book to the "Fletch" series by Gregory Mcdonald. "He's a bad guy, but he's a really lovable bad guy," she says of David. "He's trying to stay out of trouble, but he can't help himself."

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