JFK assassination: 10 'where I was' stories

For the generation before them, it was news of the attack on Pearl Harbor. But for baby boomers, the moment they learned of the assassination of John F. Kennedy is the historic event most frozen in memory. In "November 22, 1963," authors Jodie Elliott Hansen and Laura Hansen gather recollections from everyone from Julia Child to Bush 41 to average citizens as to where they were when they heard the news. Here are some of those stories.

1. Terry Baggett

Brian Snyder/Reuters
Walden Pond

Baggett was training for the Peace Corps in Boston

"I remember being a little surprised that many of the stores and businesses there (in Boston) were open per usual, although Kennedy's picture was in many store and shop windows. I also remember hearing a cannon in the Boston Common being fired many times, I think every hour... We rented a car on Sunday and were at Walden Pond when a complete stranger ran up to us with the news about Jack Ruby killing Lee Harvey Oswald."

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