JFK assassination: 10 'where I was' stories

"November 22, 1963" gathers dozens of "where I was" stories from the day that John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

8. Jack Gertz


Gertz was a member of the White House press corps representing AT&T

"I was riding in the White House press bus in the Dallas motorcade.... I remember that many people on the parade route were carrying or holding signs – some pro-Kennedy and some anti-Kennedy. There was one particular sign I will never forget. It read: 'Please, Mr. Kennedy, give us another ex-President.' It was about the length of a bus, held by 15 people and I feel sure this was one of the last ones the President saw. We all shook our heads in disbelief when seeing it.

I did not hear the shots fired. We were not aware of any trouble until we saw a policeman on a motorcycle as he jumped off, drew his pistol, and began running. Looking ahead, we saw the presidential limousine taking off, full-speed ahead.... [On the return trip to Washington], the atmosphere was unreal. Some of us were quite emotional and a few of the women cried continuously. There were bloodshot eyes all around. Many of us had known and had traveled with JFK for years. We had a very special feeling for him and the sadness was overwhelming."

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